Question Your Way To Simply Being

Let go of the past, live in the moment Image by: Jeannie Howlet

Let go of the past, live in the moment
Image by: Jeannie Howlet

We all have a past, looking back on it some of us smile, some of us cringe. For me the latter is true. My past is a forced smile and a twitching left eye. The sustained, burdensome presence of a past shadow self makes it really hard to live creatively in the present moment. In trying to get over the reminiscence bump, I found the power of asking ourselves questions.

My high school years were at best embarrassing, at worst corrosive. Be popular, be smart, be athletic, be involved. I was none of these, except maybe the smart part according to my letter grades I suppose. In retrospect, what I regret most was not getting the chance to prove myself. I never managed to rise above my insecurities and awkwardness. Lacking confidence and encouragement, I went through most of my high school years trying to blend into the walls while trying to survive without frying what little fretted nerves remained.

Till this day the shadow of that awkward, undefined, high school girl still follows me. I’ve been trying to redeem her ever since. Hoping that I can one day wow my high school classmates, I set out to achieve redemption. Many of the things I’ve tried to accomplish have always been unlawfully motivated by those yesterdays. Unlawfully because none of our present days should be tainted by regrets from the past. The past is the past, we need to learn from it and move forward. We’ve heard this a million times, but easier said than done right! How does one really go about “letting go?”

How do we let go?

Letting go of the past, of people, ideas, expectations, bad habits, false beliefs, or whatever kind of letting go you need to do so you have a fresh start, begins with one simple question: “What needs to be completed so I can have a fresh start?”

Pose yourself this question, let it mull around for a while, sleep on it even. This question will trigger your own set of answers.

The idea is that questions can help us begin thinking in new ways, which can then help us find answers that aren’t immediately apparent. We have an incredible capacity to reflect on our own self – our thoughts, emotions and habits. We have the power to ask ourselves questions and get valuable answers, so why not use it.

When I honestly asked myself, “what needs to be completed so I can have a fresh start?” The first thing that came to mind was, I need to consciously and actively cleanse myself, I need to cleanup my out-of-date Facebook account.

I made the choice to let go of the past and start living from healthier fodder than trying to impress my old high school crowd. This meant removing the stage where I displayed myself for their evaluation, my timeworn Facebook. This was the first account I created right after graduating and it was chockfull of all my high school classmates, some of whom I never even spoke to and some of whom I had nothing in common with.

Unconsciously, they were my intended audience every step of the way and for what? Their thumbs up didn’t make me more successful, healthier, or wealthier. They were a part of a story that was holding me back and that needed to change. I have three great friends from those high school days and I can easily just keep in touch through phone.

As a symbolic ritual cleanse, I deleted my old account and created a new one that I will ornate with healthier, more meaningful substance. I feel like a million pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. I can be myself without ulterior motives and without fear of evaluation. I’m happier after having cleansed myself in that way and I feel like I finally put my old self to rest. It was just what I needed for a fresh start, now I can focus on nurturing who I am today without negative influences from the past.

So, what do you need to complete so you can have a fresh start?


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My name is Raimy, I’m a soul-searching writer and amateur photographer. Creative-guru is a by-product of a deep creative passion for personal and spiritual growth.

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3 Comments on “Question Your Way To Simply Being”

  1. May 3, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    Love it Raimy-D. What gives passion to life is a difficult question that is not easily answered, look at me, after years of never even considering this question, I am thinking of it all the time now. What is my passion? Where should I go to find it? Life will give the answers when I am ready. It already has given me a lot of things to sample over the past two months to find out what I truly like and dislike. I am happy for your forgetting of the bad parts of the past. Your description of high school rang so true for me, I remember much the same, just let me fit in. Awkward, self conscious, afraid of not being liked. No way to live life. I understand what you are doing with the Facebook retool. I do that with my page, even though anyone can see it , I don’t share it with people from my past. If they care enough they will look to see who I really am. Keep the door open to those people, although there are always judgmental, small minded people, you may provide a bright light and guidance to someone who felt the exact same way that you did. 🙂 Keep going, keep reaching and keep looking for your path. I have been busy lately with work and try to still write and comment as much as I can, I always read your posts, and comments. I remember one recently that you stated I make it sound so easy! I have been meaning to tell you this fact that you probably already know, “life is simple, it is just not easy.” I think I often know what to do but fail in performing it because of fear and that I have tried to get better at. Thank you Raimy-D. for all that you are doing. I am watching and seeing your effect on others. Truly clear, you are a great light my friend. 🙂

    • May 4, 2013 at 10:41 am #

      This is one comment I will come back to often. There is a lot of truth, wisdom, and encouragement packed in here. I especially can agree with what you said about knowing what to do but not doing it because of fear, I am trying everyday also to get better at that. I really hope you’re getting closer to finding your passion. Thanks for commenting and stopping by today, I know we are all leading busy lives outside of the blogosphere so I really appreciate the time you take to leave your thoughts. As always thank you thank you thank you!

      • May 4, 2013 at 10:58 am #

        You are welcome. The universe has put me in a great place right now to find my passion I think. You are a great inspiration. 🙂

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