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How Writing Saved Me

Dance, pain, words, this is a story about a beautiful soul that found herself in writing. Please welcome the  first guest blogger on Creative-Guru to share their soul searching story, the first  of many I do hope. Without further ado, here is Ashely from Chaos and Words  Something you need to know about me is […]

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Guest Blogging Rocks

I’ve been meaning to write for the past week and half, but I found myself without any creative sparks. What I desperately needed was a little nudge, so unexpectedly and most fortunately, Ashley from Chaos and Words reached out to offer me my first ever guest blogging spot. I had such an awesome experience writing […]

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Dare to be an Artist, Dare to Create

First guest blogging experience, I only wished I could have done this sooner. Thank you Ashley!

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Finding yourself in the mundane

Whoever said you can’t learn anything from watching T.V.? Television is my favorite vice and though I often regret time squandered in front of the screen, these particular 30 minutes were worth it. While watching my favorite Wednesday sitcom on ABC,  I realized that finding who you are can be as simple as becoming aware […]

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Air Out Your Insecurities

You know what will make you feel light as a feather? Airing out your deep, dark, despicable thoughts. You know, the ones that you keep to yourself because you’re so afraid of what others might think of you.  I’m taking this time now to air out my insecurities, fears, and doubts because as a great […]

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Let your creativity guide you

Creativity at its best.

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Words can’t do You justice

We cannot know ourselves through words, there is something so beautiful about us that  language simply cannot do it justice. There are certain privileged words that come close to our soul, such as love, peace, beauty, and creativity, but not even these can encompass all that we truly are. Only one form of expression has […]

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Am I a spiritual being?

Currently, my life is a big question mark. I’ve got questions and I yearn for answers. Is there really a grand scheme of things? Are we born with a destiny to fulfill? If so, what’s the use of forcing certain things we think should happen to happen? If all things come at the right time, […]

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Audacity: dare to strut your stuff

Once upon a time, long before I dared to think highly of myself, I let a stranger’s opinion of me dictate nearly 1/3 of my life. It’s funny really, it took this long to realize that one deep-seated negative belief has been behind so many days of grief, but that’s soul searching for ya! Once […]

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Are you feeding a drama llama?

“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one’s self.” – Charles Dickens There is someone I know who’s life is a Spanish soap opera- overly dramatic and predictable. This person has mastered the art of drama; enemies, crisis, addictions, and prejudices. They have so much pent up drama that whenever you come near […]

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