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Air Out Your Insecurities

You know what will make you feel light as a feather? Airing out your deep, dark, despicable thoughts. You know, the ones that you keep to yourself because you’re so afraid of what others might think of you.  I’m taking this time now to air out my insecurities, fears, and doubts because as a great […]

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Words can’t do You justice

We cannot know ourselves through words, there is something so beautiful about us that  language simply cannot do it justice. There are certain privileged words that come close to our soul, such as love, peace, beauty, and creativity, but not even these can encompass all that we truly are. Only one form of expression has […]

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Inner Peace

  Lately I’ve been trying to achieve balance between work, blogging & reading, my pets ( 2 dogs and 3 cats), my boyfriend, my friends, my family and my sanity. Modern life is a juggling act and I’ve yet to master the art. My neck aches, my muscles are twisted into stress knots and at […]

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The Twilight Club: Origin of the Vision-in-Action Blogger Award

Origin of Vision-in-Action The Twilight Club, not to be confused with the Team Edward nor the Team Jacob club, was an ethical movement started by a group of  poets, artists, and philanthropists for the purpose of bolstering spiritual and cultural renewal of society in the late 1870s. Worried that civilization was on a downward trend […]

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What Color is Your Life?

Literature on color as a personality indicator is dizzying, it yields over 97,000,000 hits on Google. What could I possibly say about color psychology that hasn’t been said before Here’s my creative two-cents. Color is one of the most basic truths about a person. Besides our name, our favorite color is one thing most of […]

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A way to put my thoughts into words... May be I am just talking to myself...may be aloud...These are my thoughts in a poetic form, which are very much a part of me and which makes me what I am...


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