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Labels are for Packages, not People

My guest today is Rebecca Fraser-Thill from Career Avoidance 101. Currently a psychology professor at Bates College, a mother, a spouse, a writer, and a great source of inspiration for many twenty-something year olds, myself included! I’m very honored to share: On The Cusp By: Rebecca Fraser-Thill The current mystery of my life is whether […]

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The 12 Steps of Limited Thinking Addicts Anonymous

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ~Albert Einstein My greatest wish in life is to be able to travel the world. Unfortunately, I don’t have the financial means nor job flexibility to do so. Ok I admit it– THIS IS […]

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What Color is Your Life?

Literature on color as a personality indicator is dizzying, it yields over 97,000,000 hits on Google. What could I possibly say about color psychology that hasn’t been said before Here’s my creative two-cents. Color is one of the most basic truths about a person. Besides our name, our favorite color is one thing most of […]

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Know Your Top 24 Strengths

“The strength of a person is often weighed by how they deal with their weaknesses.” Nathaniel Summers, Author While interviewing for a job if someone were to ask you what your weaknesses and strengths are, would you be able to answer in full honesty? Would it be easier to answer what your weaknesses are, most […]

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